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Ducky Diary

February Soap Challenge - Lemon Birthday Cake

Hi, guys! I'm entering my second soap challenge! For February, the challenge was to find a friend or family member that has never made soap before and verbally guide them through making the challenge entry. This was tough. I'm not very articulate and I tend to be a "if you want something done right, do it yourself" sort of person, so having to explain and not touch was a challenge, indeed! However, I could not be happier about how Lemon Birthday Cake turned out!  Lemon Birthday Cake is scented with Lemon Meringue Pie from Nature's Garden. It smells heavenly! It...

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January Soap Challenge! Sunset On The Shore

Hi, all! I entered my first soap challenge this month with the Soap Challenge Club. The theme of the challenge is landscapes. Any natural scene is accepted and any technique can be used, as long as it is made as a soap loaf and each element of the soap runs the entire length of the soap. I made two soaps for this challenge, so that I had a choice of which to enter. Both Sunset on the Shore and On Top Of the World qualified, but I chose to enter Sunset On The Shore due to it meeting the more...

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Foster Care To Success

Did you know that more than 23,000 teenagers age out of the foster system every year? “Aging out” means that a child has reached legal adulthood, usually while they are still in high school, and are therefore no longer eligible to be in foster care. They are suddenly fully responsible for themselves. Of these 23,000 kids: 20% will wind up instantly homeless. Less than 3% will ever earn a college degree. 70% of girls who age out will become pregnant before age 21. When teens are on their own with no support system, their odds of having a successful life...

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The Perfect Bath, Self Care, and a Hamster

Everyone has stress in their life. Everyone needs a healthy way to decompress from that stress. These are universal facts. In my life, one of my favorite ways to temporarily step away from the stresses of life is to take a nice bath. When I take a bath, it is not just about getting clean. It is a full sensory experience, and it is usually about 2 hours long. I want to steep until I'm pruney from head to toe. It doesn't end when I get out, either. There is a post-bath ritual to be had. I want to share...

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