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The Perfect Bath, Self Care, and a Hamster

Everyone has stress in their life.

Everyone needs a healthy way to decompress from that stress.

These are universal facts.

In my life, one of my favorite ways to temporarily step away from the stresses of life is to take a nice bath. When I take a bath, it is not just about getting clean. It is a full sensory experience, and it is usually about 2 hours long. I want to steep until I'm pruney from head to toe. It doesn't end when I get out, either. There is a post-bath ritual to be had. I want to share this with you.

At Bubbly Ducky, my goal is more than to just sell you a bunch of awesome soap. It is to help you unwind and clear your head with the perfect bath. I want you to take a few hours to yourself, even if it is just once or twice a month, and just relax. 

"But, Danielle, I don't have time for a two hour bath! I have children! A husband! Three jobs, two cats, and a really clingy hamster!" 

I hear you. I'm there with you. Except that hamster bit. You are on your own with the hamster. The point is, there is always something going on. There is always someone or something else that needs our attention. We tend to keep going until we can't anymore. We let ourselves get so worn that we stop making good decisions. When you are so busy that you don't have time to take care of yourself, that is when it is most important to pause and recover. You will handle everything else better if you make sure you are at peak mental health. It is not selfish to put yourself first every so often, as long as you don't live in that state.

Here is my guide to the perfect bath, my personal recipe for relaxation. Use it, tweak it, share it, enjoy it.

The Perfect Bath

Nothing ruins a bath like having to jump out into the cold air because you forgot something. Here is my checklist (the ingredients, if you will) so that doesn't happen to you.

Near the tub, in reach:

  • Soap
  • Shampoo
  • Razor
  • Towels
  • Entertainment
  • Snacks
  • Bath extras, such as a bubble bar

In the room, but not in reach:

  • Candle or wax melt
  • Lotion
  • Pajamas
  • Robe

Soap, shampoo, and a razor are pretty self-explanatory. Just make sure that they are in a spot that you can reach while sitting in the tub.

You may have noticed that "towels" is plural. That is because you need several. One is for drying your body. One is for wrapping your hair. Another is for cleaning yourself if you prefer that over using the soap bar directly on your skin. The last, and possibly most important towel is for drying your hands. This makes handling your entertainment easy.

For entertainment, there are many options. Depending on my mood, I may have a laptop with a movie playing. If you go with this option, make sure it is far enough away that it won't drop in the tub. Another option is a great book or music. Maybe you prefer to have a silent room and a little meditation. Whatever floats your boat. It's all about you.

Bubbly Ducky soap bars all have pairings on their labels. This is because the perfect bath requires the perfect snacks. I recommend getting a little fancy. I love using the Perk-y Cocoa soap bar while eating a piece of chocolate cake (I love the mug cake mixes) and drinking a cold chocolate milk, possibly with a little Baileys if you are of age and interested.

Baths are great, but there are many ways to upgrade the bathing experience. I personally enjoy adding a bubble bar. I love having bubbles in my bath. They makes me feel like a kid, worry-free. Bubble bars leave the water smelling wonderful. Most also contain ingredients that your skin will love to soak in.

The sense most tied to our mood and how we think is our sense of smell. Use bath products that smell fantastic and you will feel fantastic. Add a candle with a complimentary scent, dim the lights, and the bathroom turns into a spa.

When your bath is over, continue pampering yourself a bit to get the full experience. Take the time to moisturize from head to toe using your favorite lotion. Put on your favorite pajamas, whether that is a lace nightie that makes your feel sexy or a large t-shirt that is super comfortable. Top if off with a silky or fluffy robe. 

While a bath cannot actually take away most problems, it can help you to calm down, get centered, and become better prepared to face those challenges. Now that bath time is over, take a deep breath and remind yourself that you are strong enough to face whatever is next!


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