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Solid Lotion (Massage Bars) VS Bottled Lotion

I did an experiment yesterday. After my shower, I used bottled lotion on one leg and solid lotion (massage bar) on the other.

I love my bottled lotions and they are what I normally grab for automatically. I find bottled lotion to be easy and quick, plus it absorbs faster. I've only used solid lotion for massages because I want something that takes a little longer to rub in.

The results of my experiment are leading me to change my ways. I was amazed at how long lasting the effects of the solid lotion were. My skin felt moisturized and conditioned a full 24 hours after use! Even though I had to rub a bit more, it was so worth it.

I will definitely be using my massage bar after my shower from now on and keeping my bottled lotion for my hands, face, and feet, where I really want that fast absorption.


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