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Making Chocolate Covered Strawberry Soap

Guys, let me tell you, I know this is soap but it is really hard not to bite it. It smells soooo good! 

For this Chocolate Covered Strawberry soap, I blended two fragrances - Chocolate Espresso from Bramble Berry (an all time favorite!) and Sugared Strawberry from Nurture Soap. The bottom "chocolate" layers have a blend of these two fragrances. The red "strawberry" portion has only the Sugared Strawberry in it. That is because the Chocolate Espresso fragrance oil discolors the soap to a dark brown, and I did not want the strawberry to look rotten! 😲

To watch the making of this soap, please click either of the two banners below:

Making Chocolate Covered Strawberry Cold Process Soap - Bubbly Ducky Cutting Chocolate Covered Strawberry Cold Process Soap - Bubbly Ducky


This soap was made to meet the requirements for the August Soap Challenge Club challenge. However, I chose to enter Coconut Dream as my main entry. To see more about that soap, click here.

I used a mixture of heat transfer and CPOP to make this cold process soap. I like these techniques because they are super efficient - less prep time and less waiting to see the end result!

Chocolate Layers

Chocolate Soap Layers

For the first three layers, I wanted chocolate brown layers that are slanted and textured with red mica lines in between to give a hint of the strawberry. I used Cappuccino mica by Bramble Berry for one layer, Espresso mica from Nurture Soap for another layer, and a mix of both for the last layer. For each layer, I mixed the soap batter until it reached a thick trace. I then poured into my tall and skinny mold which was propped up on one side by a wood block. After it set just a little, I textured the top. This didn't take long because the fragrance accelerates trace a bit. I then sprinkled some Trial By Fire mica from Nurture Soap over the top of each before moving to the next layer.

Strawberry Layers

Strawberry Layers

I added poppy seeds to the strawberry layer. This helps with gentle exfoliation, and makes the soap look like it has strawberry seeds! I then added a little Trial By Fire mica to the soap and poured a thick line into my mold. I added a bit more mica and poured another line, repeating until I got to the height I wanted so that there's an ombre effect. 

Leafy Layers

Leafy Soap Layers

For the "leaves", I split the remaining soap into three containers. I used a variety of green micas to make three different greens, then I poured them down the mold one at a time, keeping most of it toward the middle. As a last minute addition (mostly so that it would look less like watermelon rind), I added a single brown stripe to represent the strawberry stem. 

Finished Chocolate Covered Strawberry Soap

The vote is out on whether this soap looks more like a strawberry or watermelon, but I'm super happy either way! One thing is certain - it smells AMAZING.


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