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June 2020 Soap Challenge - One Pot Wonder

This design was inspired by sunset over a grassy backyard. It is fragrance with eucalyptus essential oil.

Here are the steps I took for this challenge:

After preparing the batter, I split it off into 5 sections:

  • 15 oz green
  • 7.5 oz orange
  • 15 oz pink
  • 15 oz purple
  • 7.5 oz indigo

I then created 3 in the pot swirl layers and one solid layer in my pouring pot.

  1. Indigo/purple ITPS
  2. Purple/pink ITPS 
  3. Pink/orange ITPS
  4. Green

I then did a wall pour back and forth to fill my mold. Unfortunately, the indigo accelerated and the last layer was more of a wall plop. 

I used my gloved finger to make the the purple/indigo streak over the other colors on top, then added a little bio glitter. 

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  • What a gorgeous effect, Danielle!! Sad about the indigo, but the good thing is that it was the last layer and you can’t really tell there was an issue – except that you told us! :) Love those bright colors and the fun patterns from the ITP swirls!

    Amy Warden on

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