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Foster Care To Success

Did you know that more than 23,000 teenagers age out of the foster system every year?

“Aging out” means that a child has reached legal adulthood, usually while they are still in high school, and are therefore no longer eligible to be in foster care. They are suddenly fully responsible for themselves. Of these 23,000 kids:

  • 20% will wind up instantly homeless.
  • Less than 3% will ever earn a college degree.
  • 70% of girls who age out will become pregnant before age 21.

When teens are on their own with no support system, their odds of having a successful life are statistically slim. 

Foster Care To Success is on a mission to change those statistics by giving teens support in going to college after aging out of foster care.  In addition to financial assistance, FC2S provides “comprehensive, family-like support.” From their website:

“Every student receives not only financial assistance but mentoring, career coaching, care packages, and birthday and holiday cards – AND they can call us 24-7 if they need to.”


At Bubbly Ducky, I believe strongly in this mission. In support, a percentage of all Bubbly Ducky sales are donated to Foster Care To Success, along with 100% of all donations left by our generous customers in the checkout process. I urge you to check out this amazing charity for yourself and consider donating. Information can be found at their website:


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