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Coconut Dream Soap

I had a hard time making up my mind when designing Coconut Dream, so this soap has a little bit of everything: slanted and textured layers, drop swirl, mica lines, and in the pot swirl! I challenged myself with this soap. I typically love using tons of bright colors. This time, I tried to make an interesting design using only a few neutral colors. What do you think?

Coconut Dream is fragranced with Coconut Creme by Bramble Berry. I absolutely love their fragrances because they are rich and unique. This one is no exception! It is sweet and coconut-y without being overwhelming. I absolutely love it!


To see videos of the making of this soap, please see click the banners below:

Making Coconut Dream Soap 

This soap was made for the August Soap Challenge Club. It is one of two soaps I made as potential entries, but this is the one I chose for my official entry. To see more about my other candidate, Chocolate Covered Strawberry, click here.

 This soap was made completely with cold process soap. Specifically, I used a combination of the heat transfer and CPOP methods. 

Getting Started

To start, I measured my hard oils - coconut oil, cocoa butter, shea butter, and palm oil - into my main container. I poured my hot lye solution over the hard oils and stirred until they were fully melted. I then added my soft oils - olive oil, avocado oil, and castor oil - and stirred until they were fully emulsified. I then split my batch into four containers. 

Quick PSA for those who are new to real soap: real soap must be made with lye, but the final product will contain absolutely no lye and will be quite gentle if made correctly.

Layer 1

I chose to use my tall and skinny mold so that I had plenty of room for my layers. For the first layer, I blended in a little titanium dioxide to achieve a creamy off-white. I blended until I reached a fairly thick trace so that my layer would set up quickly. I placed a wood block under one side of my mold and poured down the other side so that the layer would be slanted. After allowing the soap to set up a bit, I used a spoon to texture then sprinkled some Cappuccino mica powder from Bramble Berry on the top.

Layer 2

For the second layer, I used an in the pot swirl. I first added a little titanium dioxide to all of the soap for the layer. I then split the soap into three containers, added Cappuccino Mica by Bramble Berry to one and Magic Mushroom Mica by Nurture Soap to another. I poured both of these back into the white, gave a quick swirl, and then poured the concoction into the mold. This time, I had the mold propped up on the opposite side as last time so that the layer would be slanted the opposite way. Again, I textured the top and sprinkled a bit of mica over it, but I used Magic Mushroom for this mica line.

Layer 3

The third layer was another solid colored layer. I used a touch of Magic Mushroom and poured over my other two layers. I used a medium trace (a little thick, but not too much) so that my drop swirl wouldn't encounter too much resistance.

Drop Swirl!

The remaining soap batter was split into five different containers - plain, light Magic Mushroom, dark Magic Mushroom, light Cappuccino, and dark Cappuccino. One at a time, I poured lines of each color at random over the top of the soap, moving back and forth at varying heights. I used a chopstick to swirl the top a little, then I stuck the soap in the oven overnight to become extra awesome. 

 Finished Coconut Dream Soap

Overall, I am very happy with this soap! My husband says this is the second best soap I've ever made, beat out only by On Top Of The World. 🥰 Bars will be available for sale the last week of September. To get notified so that you don't miss out, sign up for the newsletter at the bottom of the page and follow Bubbly Ducky on Facebook!


  • Even with the neutral colors the soap is fun to look at, there is so much going on. Good job.

    Lori Mackey on

  • Beautiful. I love your creative use of color and technique.

    Cindy Stroing on

  • Oh, well if it has to be second best, then I guess it’s pretty good!! :) Very creative use of layers, colors and techniques! Definitely interesting design, even with the neutral colors. Mission accomplished!!

    Amy Warden on

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