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Ducky Diary

Making Chocolate Covered Strawberry Soap

Guys, let me tell you, I know this is soap but it is really hard not to bite it. It smells soooo good!  For this Chocolate Covered Strawberry soap, I blended two fragrances - Chocolate Espresso from Bramble Berry (an all time favorite!) and Sugared Strawberry from Nurture Soap. The bottom "chocolate" layers have a blend of these two fragrances. The red "strawberry" portion has only the Sugared Strawberry in it. That is because the Chocolate Espresso fragrance oil discolors the soap to a dark brown, and I did not want the strawberry to look rotten! 😲 To watch the...

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Coconut Dream Soap

I had a hard time making up my mind when designing Coconut Dream, so this soap has a little bit of everything: slanted and textured layers, drop swirl, mica lines, and in the pot swirl! I challenged myself with this soap. I typically love using tons of bright colors. This time, I tried to make an interesting design using only a few neutral colors. What do you think? Coconut Dream is fragranced with Coconut Creme by Bramble Berry. I absolutely love their fragrances because they are rich and unique. This one is no exception! It is sweet and coconut-y without...

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June 2020 Soap Challenge - One Pot Wonder

This design was inspired by sunset over a grassy backyard. It is fragrance with eucalyptus essential oil. Here are the steps I took for this challenge: After preparing the batter, I split it off into 5 sections: 15 oz green 7.5 oz orange 15 oz pink 15 oz purple 7.5 oz indigo I then created 3 in the pot swirl layers and one solid layer in my pouring pot. Indigo/purple ITPS Purple/pink ITPS  Pink/orange ITPS Green I then did a wall pour back and forth to fill my mold. Unfortunately, the indigo accelerated and the last layer was more of...

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March Soap Challenge - Phoenix (Clamshell Swirl)

  Wow! This month's soap challenge was pretty tough.  The challenge was to make a soap entirely with the clamshell swirl. You can find my entry here. The quick how-to for clamshell swirling: Pour two or more colors of soap batter into a single pitcher, side by side. Pour the colorful soap into one part end of the mold while wiggling it just a little for a set amount of time (5-10 seconds). Repeat step two in two other spots on the end of the mold (i.e. left then right then middle). Repeat steps 2 and 3 over and over...

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Solid Lotion (Massage Bars) VS Bottled Lotion

I did an experiment yesterday. After my shower, I used bottled lotion on one leg and solid lotion (massage bar) on the other. I love my bottled lotions and they are what I normally grab for automatically. I find bottled lotion to be easy and quick, plus it absorbs faster. I've only used solid lotion for massages because I want something that takes a little longer to rub in. The results of my experiment are leading me to change my ways. I was amazed at how long lasting the effects of the solid lotion were. My skin felt moisturized and...

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