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Ducky Diary

June 2020 Soap Challenge - One Pot Wonder

This design was inspired by sunset over a grassy backyard. It is fragrance with eucalyptus essential oil. Here are the steps I took for this challenge: After preparing the batter, I split it off into 5 sections: 15 oz green 7.5 oz orange 15 oz pink 15 oz purple 7.5 oz indigo I then created 3 in the pot swirl layers and one solid layer in my pouring pot. Indigo/purple ITPS Purple/pink ITPS  Pink/orange ITPS Green I then did a wall pour back and forth to fill my mold. Unfortunately, the indigo accelerated and the last layer was more of...

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March Soap Challenge - Phoenix (Clamshell Swirl)

  Wow! This month's soap challenge was pretty tough.  The challenge was to make a soap entirely with the clamshell swirl. You can find my entry here. The quick how-to for clamshell swirling: Pour two or more colors of soap batter into a single pitcher, side by side. Pour the colorful soap into one part end of the mold while wiggling it just a little for a set amount of time (5-10 seconds). Repeat step two in two other spots on the end of the mold (i.e. left then right then middle). Repeat steps 2 and 3 over and over...

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Solid Lotion (Massage Bars) VS Bottled Lotion

I did an experiment yesterday. After my shower, I used bottled lotion on one leg and solid lotion (massage bar) on the other. I love my bottled lotions and they are what I normally grab for automatically. I find bottled lotion to be easy and quick, plus it absorbs faster. I've only used solid lotion for massages because I want something that takes a little longer to rub in. The results of my experiment are leading me to change my ways. I was amazed at how long lasting the effects of the solid lotion were. My skin felt moisturized and...

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February Soap Challenge - Lemon Birthday Cake

Hi, guys! I'm entering my second soap challenge! For February, the challenge was to find a friend or family member that has never made soap before and verbally guide them through making the challenge entry. This was tough. I'm not very articulate and I tend to be a "if you want something done right, do it yourself" sort of person, so having to explain and not touch was a challenge, indeed! However, I could not be happier about how Lemon Birthday Cake turned out!  Lemon Birthday Cake is scented with Lemon Meringue Pie from Nature's Garden. It smells heavenly! It...

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January Soap Challenge! Sunset On The Shore

Hi, all! I entered my first soap challenge this month with the Soap Challenge Club. The theme of the challenge is landscapes. Any natural scene is accepted and any technique can be used, as long as it is made as a soap loaf and each element of the soap runs the entire length of the soap. I made two soaps for this challenge, so that I had a choice of which to enter. Both Sunset on the Shore and On Top Of the World qualified, but I chose to enter Sunset On The Shore due to it meeting the more...

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